Here what some of our current customers have to say about their Joker Care Plans.

Working with Joker Care Plans has taken the stress out of running a website. As a busy medical group, our website is our livelihood. Since hiring the Joker Media team, we have had ZERO issues with our site maintenance and have not had a single edit that was not resolved within a few hours. We would strongly recommend their services to anyone hoping to de-stress an online presence!

Matt Werger

Orthopedic Surgeon,
Pro Sports Ortho

I have five websites protected with Joker Care Plans. I have zero time to be messing with my websites so knowing that the sites are backed up and updated is a HUGE relief. And if I need any updates, I just shoot the team and email and it’s usually done that day or the next day. The response times are incredible. I would recommend Joker Media to anyone who needs website help and maintenance of any kind.

joe palumbo

Joe Palumbo

I’ve known and worked with Josh at Joker Media for close to 4 years now.  He’s helped out on many client projects in that time – mostly WordPress and graphic-design. He’s got a great mixture of technical skill and a knack for aesthetics.   He takes the time to get details right, but can also hustle when he has to.  Josh is also just an above-board, easy-going guy.  A good one to have in your corner.

Phil Rozek

Phil Rozek

We’re had our website covered with a Joker Care Plan since we launched years ago. Running a hotel has its own set of challenges, so we trust our website and it’s maintenance to Joker Media. If there are any issues, they are resolved extremely fast. They developed our website and did a great job. In fact, we have had many brokers and other hotels ask who built and manages our website.

Justin Watzka

Justin Watzka

98% of my business and livelihood comes from my business website.  I took for granted that the website would always be up and running.  There was a two week period that I realized my call volume had significantly decreased.  It was then on the phone that I was talking to a potential client that had informed me my website was not working.  I was so embarrassed and disappointed in myself as I realized that is why my call volume had decreased.  Around that same time period, it had been suggested to me to work with Joker Media on some website improvements and updates.  Josh from Joker Media was very helpful with the changes and suggested the Joker Care Plan to monitor the site for any issues and continuously make updates. As a non-technical web person, it is hard to understand what goes on behind the scenes, but I receive a monthly 12 page, easy-to-read report on any issues and all of the updates that have been performed.  I use this report as my monthly website health report that also provides viewer data.  If you are serious about your business and your website, you need to be having a quality monitoring service that a Joker Care Plan provides.


Nate Morrissey

Joker Media was recommended to us by a business associate that felt the partnership would be a good fit for us at Roly Poly. Admittedly not tech savvy we needed the patient guidance and support that Josh and his team provided. Although originally contracted to refresh our existing website Joker Media exceeded our expectations with a complete redesign. Their management of the new website with Joker Care has been seamless.

Julie Reid

I’ve been working with Joker Media for several years. My sites are also on Joker Care Plans. They helped set up my websites from choosing a theme to teaching me how to change the layouts. Joker Media are very responsive to our queries. I have, and will continue to recommended them to others.

Mark Young

Managing Editor,