Your Joker Care Plan covers everything from the basics like theme and plugin updates, to backups, security, analytics, performance, up-time and much more.

  • Plugin Updates

    Almost every WordPress website uses plugins. Plugins that aren’t updated are a popular way for the bad guys to access your website. We’ll make sure these little programs are updated weekly to ensure that doesn’t happen.

  • Theme Updates

    If your website uses a premium theme, it may receive updates from the theme author. We are able to update your theme so all functions work correctly and all security patches are utilized.

  • Dynamite Support

    We offer support plans to our Maintain and Manage clients. We can help update your content, add images, fix layout issues, code special solutions or whatever you can think up when it comes to your website.

  • Worry-Free Backups

    Backups are hugely important. Depending on your plan, we take monthly and daily backups of your site files and database. This assures that if anything goes wrong, we can quickly launch a previous backup and get you online.

  • Security Scans

    We conduct security scans for our Maintain and Manage customers when necessary to spot any infected files, blacklisting or vulnerabilities that could become larger problems. We’ll fix them on the spot.

  • Monthly Reports

    We’ll send you a monthly report showing what we updated, how many backups were taken and give you a breakdown of who is visiting your website with Google Analytics reporting data.

  • Uptime Monitoring

    We have eyes on your site 24/7 with our Uptime Monitoring. If, for any reason your site goes offline, we’re notified immediately and we quickly get it back online. We’ll investigate the issue and prevent future occurrences.

  • Performance Checks

    How is your site doing? We can run a Performance Check to determine the weak spots and make recommendations how to make your site better, faster and stronger so it performs better in the long run.

  • Comment Management

    Comment spam is annoying. We’ll manage your comment spam weekly by removing the spam comments and only keeping what matters to you and your visitors. Never deal with comment spam again.

  • Google Analytics

    We’ll install Google Analytics to your website so you can track the who, what, when, where, why and how details of your website. You’ll have access to loads of valuable user information whenever you want.


  • Website Hosting

    Tired of your current host or need a better hosting package? No problem. We have price points for just the amount of space you need.

  • Social Media Boost

    Do your social media accounts need some love? We will manage your Twitter, G+, Facebook and Instagram accounts each week (for as long as needed) in order to start drawing in the right followers for your business.