Social media

A way to rethink how you’re using social media

If you’re trying to use social media to boost your business and getting nowhere, you’re probably frustrated with all of the “experts” who blather on and on about how vital it is. Don’t give up; you may just need to realign your strategies and stop doing social media the wrong way. The odds are you’re wasting time and money with your current social media strategy and missing out on tons of potential profits. If you’re ready to turn things around, this post will show you how. You launch a website, start a page on Facebook, open a Twitter account, and...

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website maintenance blog

Successful websites begin with maintenance

Your website is a living, breathing creature. Well, sorta. Just like the software on your cell phone and the programs on your computer – your website needs maintenance in order to work properly. Not doing maintenance on your website is like running your car without oil. It may work for a short while…but it can come to an abrupt stop. And it’ll take a whole lot of work to get it back to the way it was. Your websites should always be live, ready for customers and visitors. It’s a reflection of what you do, so you want to be...

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